Independent broker dealer lists

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Accounting for non-retail BDsOut of the 4,380 broker dealerships. [7] In 2010, out of the 20 broker suppliers, reported to have failed, 9, or 45% had no retail associates [8] When referring to broker dealers folding, these companies ought to be segregated from the data to show an extra precise picture of the retail broker dealer landscape and to help us better understand exactly how the retail IBDs are doing. This would greatly minimize the reported number of independent broker suppliers, on the retail side, who have actually exited business & Independent broker dealers. We see a number of factors commercial margin compression: 1. reduced trading volumes from the 2008 monetary meltdown, 3. earnings shed from margin car loan rate of interest and cash market fees. payout to the economic consultant, because of this in competitors between Independent broker dealers. Expense of applying technology. This has triggered some web capital problems, particularly with the micro broker suppliers. Merge with a comparable sized broker suppliers, or 4. Close and allow the agents signing up with numerous broker suppliers. Nevertheless, we are talking to many small broker suppliers where it is service as usual, and a couple of that are discovering their alternatives. At many of the mini broker dealerships, the owner or among the companions of the company is generally associated with various other corporate features, such as conformity or the back office along with being a producer, to be able to be lucrative. The majority of these firms are remaining to weather the tornado with no plans to close shop & Independent broker dealer.